University and Department Profile

The University of Dodoma was established in March 2007. The university offers courses in educational studies, humanities and social sciences, informatics and virtual education, natural sciences and mathematics, health and allied sciences and earth sciences.

Located at the school of social sciences, the Department of Geography and Environmental studies at the University of Dodoma provide outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs. It offers bachelor degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies and Disaster Management.

The department also offers a Master of Science in Natural resources Management. Teaching and research focuses on environmental sciences and natural resources management. Research interests at the department centres on environment, ecology, conservation, land use change, tourism, agriculture and climate change just to mention a few.

The Department aspires to become a centre of excellence on Environment and Natural resources issues. The department encourages collaboration and partnership with other institutions in areas of research, scholarly visits and capacity building.


Image: University of Dodoma – Admin Building by Job de Graaf on Flickr (cc-by-2.0)

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