About Dodoma

Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania. The city is located in Tanzania mainland on the semi-arid plateau in central Tanzania. Dodoma is well renowned for its viniculture activities as it is a major wine producer in the country.

Dodoma is also home to the national parliament, where all policy and legal frameworks including those related to the green economy are set. The region also boasts the Kondoa Irangi, rock paintings, a UNESCO world heritage centre depicting some of the finest examples of rock paintings in the world.

With regard to environment and natural resources, the region is endowed with Soda ash, Salt, Fish and Uranium which was discovered recently. Uranium mining offers an interesting case for neo-liberal investments. On the other hand, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) is running a REDD+ (Reduced Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation) pilot project in one of the district.

The city is also 3 hours’ drive to Singida where some green economy (Chinese wind energy project) initiatives are going on. The project aims to generated wind power and offset emission from energy sector in central Tanzania.

Dodoma has commuter buses (costing about $0.50 from downtown to the University) and plenty of taxis (costing about 7$ from downtown to the University) running until midnight.

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