Practical Matters – Accommodation and Travel

How much does it cost?
Registration fees are:
For Tanzanian residents $50 for students and unwaged; $100 for waged.
For non-residents $100 for students and unwaged; $200 for waged.
Payment will be required after your proposed contribution is accepted.

Registration covers attendance at the conference, accommodation in student quality rooms and some meals. The rooms do not have ensuite bathrooms and may be subject to power cuts. They are a short walk away from the meeting rooms of the conference.

Registration costs do not cover the costs of field trips.

If you prefer to stay in more luxuriant accommodation in Dodoma town we will arrange that for you for a small charge (8% of hotel cost). These rooms will cost between $30-70 a night and will have en suite bathrooms, hot water and generator back ups. They will require a short (20 minute) taxi ride to the University. Dodoma has very few traffic jams so this will be a pleasant and trouble free journey. Just let us know who you want to stay with and what your budget is and we will arrange things accordingly.

I want to come but cannot afford it, will sponsorship be available?
Yes. Sponsorship is available see the sponsorship page for details. But continue to monitor the situation as more may become available. We have also begun negotiations with airlines for cheaper flights for group-bookings.

Concessionary rates will also be available. Please explain your circumstances when you send in your proposed contribution and follow the same instructions on the sponsorship page to explain how much you could contribute.

Where is Dodoma and how do I get there?
Dodoma is in the middle of Tanzania. It is an excellent location from which to visit green economic initiatives in the rest of the country.

You will need to fly to either Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salaam Airports. From Dar it is either a short flight to Dodoma or a 6 hour bus ride. From Kilimanjaro it is an 8 hour bus ride. Buses leave in the morning and if your flight arrives too late you will need to spend a night in Dar es Salaam or Arusha before travelling on to Dodoma.

We will advise on transport from the airports, help to arrange your buses / flights connections to Dodoma, your accommodation outside Dodoma, and meet you at the airports and generally do everything that lives up to Tanzania’s reputation as a warm and welcoming country. Karibuni!

!NEW! For delegates. Please start planning your travel. Please explore flight options via KLM. If you contact she may be able to bundle group flights together and co-ordinate your conference. But please tell her in your email that you are coming for the conference in Dodoma.

For those who are coming via Dar es Salaam need a hotel to stay in overnight a list of accommodation options near the bus station is available here.

That is still a long way to go for a short conference!
Possibly, but have you remembered how important this meeting is? And have you thought who else is coming who you will miss? Furthermore do not forget the fieldtrips that will follow it. Finally consider breaking your journey on the way in, or out, or both. Options include taking a break in Zanzibar if coming in via Dar es Salaam, or dramatic mountain walks if coming via Arusha. By all means go on safari if you must but please read this paper before you do so.

Tanzania is a frequently visited country, but one where most visitors are able to visit well rehearsed, and rather crowded, stages. We very much doubt you will get a better chance to see the sides we can show you than at this gathering.

Please let us know what sort of accommodation you want to stay in. It will be possible to stay on site in University accommodation, which will have a short walk to the conference facilities. Or you can stay in town a short drive (20 minutes) from the University which is well equipped with hotels because of all the visiting parliamentarians and their teams. A list of accommodation options in Dodoma is available  here.

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