How the Green Economy in the South conference helps young researchers

by Nancy Rushohora, Stella Maris Mtwara University College and University of Pretoria

The Green Economy in the South conference is an international event which has brought a very unique experience to the South. As Daniel Brockington suggested in an earlier post,“There is something new afoot, something brewing, something growing”. The event has given room for young scholars to share their research findings and receive rich comments to enhance their studies.

The conference has also provided room for African researchers based in different parts of the world to interact, share experience and knowledge within a concomitant agenda. Indeed, this year’s conference brings a brand new outlook to the debate.

The multidisciplinary nature of the conference brings sagacity in the involvement of professionals to tease out the drivers of the green economy. It has been very interesting to learn how different fields of study are engaged in the same combat – fighting together the same battle against the same foe! Presentations therefore have not only been educational, but also catalysts for collaboration and cooperation among scholars.

Much research does not end up in print, so the benefits are not realized – either for the researcher or the researched. Taking this into consideration, the Green Economy in the South conference organizers prepared a roundtable where experienced researchers could mentor young researchers on their publication skills. Manuscripts were discussed and constructive comments were given. This astonishing opportunity is desired by many young scholars, and it embraces the core of conducting research. The key intention was to emphasizing research for publication, and dissemination of the research findings to the public eye. We must bear in mind that, in the Global South, publication should also be in a form that considers the majority who do not have strong reading and writing skills. Publishing in vernacular language and producing audio-visual publications should also be explored.

I hope this is just the beginning and there is much more to come! Viva green economy viva!


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